Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Here and now...

Wow, how time flies enjoying just living life without surgery. Time has passed and now we are here. Here staring surgery in the face. Wes has a number of appointments and scans coming in the next few months that will determine the order of those surgeries. Wes has grown so much since my last blog post. Of course he has stepped into the role of big brother as a super hero would. As I type this, Cooper is cuddled up with Wes watching him play as Wes tells him to relax, because he is awesome. He has survived the first semester without his big brother. Ironically Wes looks most like Brandon and Cooper most like Chase, but their personalities are quite the opposite. Wes definitely had to adjust to not having his buddy here everyday to hang out with and keep him up to date on the best Minecraft mods. Their project for Christmas break is to set Wes up a YouTube channel. You can still find Wes dressed up as his favorite super hero, even though he does not need to dress up to be my favorite super hero. He is also still styling in tuxedos and bow ties on dress down Fridays and any other opportunity he has. On most days you can find him saving the world or conquering evil with his Marvel, Star Wars, and DC buddies in his bedroom floor. His imagination and love for playing is as strong as ever and with his expert knowledge of every super hero imaginable there are no limits. The medical side of this journey is very overwhelming. One of the upcoming surgeries will bring Wes' midface forward, which will help with breathing, speech, and eating. This involves this device: I am sure you can see why this would be overwhelming. Other surgeries discussed for the near future involves bringing his eye closer together and surgery to close the cleft in his gum line and a bone graft that will prepare him orthodontics. Much to process and with age comes new challenges of surgery. Gone are the days of Joey and I carrying all the worry and trying to process everything for Wes. Until the plan is clear, we will continue to save Wes from the worry and fear of surgery and Wes will continue to be the amazing little guy he is.

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