Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yes, this is a very late post. Don't hold it against me, I got home and did not spend much time on the computer. I have spent my time enjoying my family and friends. (and in somewhat of a crash and burn)
We have a new puppy, Izzy. Wes loves Izzy, wants her to sit in his lap and love on him, but when the he has had enough he bites back. Yes, bites back!
Still a huge fan of Elmo. Loved being Elmo for Halloween and did not want to take off his fury little friend. He was not a big fan of Santa Claus. He loved all the gifts, especially his older brother's toys. Yes, the ones he is not suppose to mess with.
Wes is doing well. He still has a stubborn case of c-diff, which I hope is cleared with the dose of flagyl he just finished a few days ago. Dr. Curry will order another culture this month. Such a pleasure getting those cultures and then carrying it around. Unfortunately he required another dose of antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for a sinus infection, which has not cleared, heading back to Dr. Curry tomorrow. He will also be having blood work for a follow-up with endocrinologist later this month. Everything he has been through, those blood draw visit are very stressful on him. Thank God for Dr. Curry. She is a one time, quick stick, which is not the case everywhere for Wes. All of his 6 month follow-ups fall in Jan. The month is full of appointments, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, general surgeon, and neurologist for an EEG. Of course hoping this visit with the ophthalmologist will bring more answers about his vision, but I know this is not realistic at this point. Ophthalmologist is planning on dilating his eyes and evaluating him further for glasses. No that this is not a fix or cure for his nystagmus. He does now have a vision teacher who visits from FIRE, this is his only therapy now. He was seeing a developmental nurse, who quit, occupational therapist seems to avoid me, physical therapist never followed up and speech will most likely be after his palate repair. Honestly he has been tossed around and tucked away with regards to these state services.
Wonderful news since g-tube, Wes is actually on the growth chart for the first time in his life. He is in the 7% for weight. He has adjusted well to the g-tube feedings. He does have some issue granulated tissue and was making trips to a general surgeon in Panama City every other week. Dr. Curry has now taken over those visits and cauterizes the tissue with silver nitrate every other week with the hope to get it under control and stop growing.
Will try to update later this month with good news from all of his follow-ups.