Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazed at how well Wes is doing. Shortly after he came out of surgery, he wanted to get out of bed. He was in the playroom on morphine! His breathing that night was already improved. He was discharged yesterday morning. Shortest hospital stay yet! He is talking and wanting to eat a little by mouth. The ENT said his tonsils were HUGE! He did leave his adenoids. He said the adenoids may not help much with his speech. His anatomy there is also very unique. His adenoids are in the same area as one of his enceph repairs.

Really doing much better than I had anticipated. Guess I have the mind set of preparing for the possibilities. We are going to see a little of Chicago...the part outside of the hospital. Yesterday afternoon we walked down the road to Oz Park. Today Shedd Aquarium, which was crazy. Best part of the day was our walk back. We took Tristans' advice and stopped for the boys to play in the water. Don't worry we are making sure Wes gets rest and takes it as easy as a 2 year old is willing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We have arrived here in Chicago! Wes is suppose to be at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow morning.
He is fired up tonight, playing tag with me and Brandon. Love that sweet little voice. He has started saying so much. Really worried that this surgery will be yet another set back in speech. His favorites lately, "I had it first, it is my turn", "Ligthing McQueen", "Hot dog, hot digitty dog", I spy, and tonight, "your it". You can see he is covering his ground with his older brothers on what he needs to say.