Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wes’ surgery is scheduled and confirmed for May 25th in Chicago at Children’s Memorial.
Time and patience are key when 3 doctors need to dedicate and entire day for this surgery. The led doctor is neurosurgeon Dr. Robin Bowman.

She will be assisted by plastic surgeon Dr. Frank A. Vicari and ENT James W. Schroeder.
The distance was a concern, but is pale in comparison to the intelligence, experience, and talent of a gifted surgeon such as Dr. Bowman. She has given me an unmatched sense of peace since the day Wes was diagnosed. That day she called personally and told not to feel rushed, as we had time to make a decision, regardless of where Wes was transported. At the time, I felt so overwhelmed and such a sense of urgency to make a decision, I was not prepared to make. She calmed my fears with her knowledge and plan for Wes’. She has been the only neurosurgeon who has felt strongly about needing additional scans to get the best possible views before surgery. She has consulted with top neurosurgeons around the world about this condition and has experience with these types of repairs. Wes is in the best possible hands for this surgery.
Please continue to pray for Wes and for guidance of Dr. Bowman hands.