Thursday, August 17, 2006

We are home from Atlanta. Wes' looks amazing. He ate really well right after surgery, but then would not take his bottle at all. That night one of the nurses helped me syringe feed him. It has been kind of up and down since then. Yesterday was a long day; he only ate about 9oz all day. This morning he has already eaten about 7oz. He is still eating from the syringe. I can not leave him alone for even a min. The night after his surgery, I could not stand the thought of him sleeping alone, so “slept” in the crib with him. This morning I looked out of the shower only to see him holding his no no and trying to put it to his mouth. He tries to rub his mouth with everything. Right now he is using the pillow that is there to stop him from rolling over to rub his face on. It must really itch, because he does this cute little squint and shakes his head, after he tries to rub his face into my shoulder. It is wonderful to look at his little mouth and nose, he is blowing bubbles and moving his mouth like he is chewing gum trying to figure out his new mouth. He is still working on breathing without his notch and a clogged little nose. I really did not expect his nose to look this little and cute. I can not wait to get some kisses. I used to kiss him right in his notch and he would smile and laugh with his wide smile. We have not seen a full smile yet, just his bottom lip and you can always see his happiness in his eyes. These pictures are shortly after surgery. There will be more pictures to come soon.
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wes’ Latham was placed July 19th by Dr. Shirley. This has been a difficult experience due to the pain from the device and an ear infection Wes has had some difficulties eating. It has torn my heart to pieces seeing him in pain and not being able to take it all away. The morning of his his surgery he weighed 13lbs 1oz, three weeks later he has gained some weight and is now 12lbs 8oz. With just four days before this device is removed he has developed a sore on his tongue from the bar on the back part of the device, which has made feedings nearly impossible.

The difference the Latham has made is so reassuring. Even his Pediatrician is amazed with the results.

Weston Jeremy Taranto was born March 17, 2006 at 4:29 am. He weight 7 lbs and was 19 1/2 inch long. He was born with a Complete Unilateral Cleft Lip and Bilateral Cleft Palate.

We discovered his cleft during a Level II Ultrasound at 20 weeks. My pregnancy with Wes was overwhelming. Although I tried not to let the information about his cleft cause stress on my baby, it was very difficult for me to control. My feelings and thoughts were at times consumed by uncertainties, questions, guilt, and many unexplainable emotions. Since his birth, we have faced many uncertainties. One major concern was his vision. He did not appear to see. He is now focusing on things and tracking. He grabs anything that is put in front of him. We had to switch Cleft Teams after having a bad experience with the dentist at University of Florida, Shands dental clinic. Wes has a very wide cleft and needed the NAM, a device that would pull his cleft closer together, before his lip closure, but all we were getting was let down and discouraged by our visit to the dental clinic. After this experience, Wes and I traveled to Atlanta, GA to Scottish Rite with a wonderful friend for a second opinion. We had a wonderful team visit and Wes had the Latham, this device is surgically placed in the roof of the mouth (first surgery) and brings the gum together, placed by the dentist at Scottish Rite.
We are now quickly approaching his Lip Surgery, Monday August 14th. He will also have tubes placed and some work done to his nose. Time has gone by so slowly waiting this day and now it seems to be coming too fast. It is hard to understand, but in a way I sad. My baby is about to change drastically. I look at him and all I see is love, my heart. I just feel an overwhelming set of emotions, mostly just scared and my heart aches knowing the pain he will have to endure. This past year has been a roller coaster. What a journey he has taken.