Monday, March 22, 2010

Sitting here at Childrens' Memorial waiting for Wes to come out. It will be a long day, he will have a MRI of brain and spine, then head to CT for CT scan of his head and spine and extension/flexion CT, then up to the OR for a broncoscopy. He will be back for at least 2 1/2 hours. We met with Dr. Rastater, ENT, who is hopeful he will get some answer and a plan concerning his breathing and possibly continued aspiration pneumonia.
He was pretty calm until we walked into the pre-op area. There was a little boy screaming and that all to familiar "tired little tiger" gown. I was able to stay with until he was sedated...that seem to do little to comfort him when he saw the gas mask. Fortunately the gas works fast and he was sleeping peacefully when I left.
Wes loves this song. In the last week, he learned the entire loop of the song last week and sung it on our flight up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So here I sit another night in front of this computer with the unsure feeling sinking deep into my heart and mind. Really does not matter what the procedure or test and sometimes appointments, I hate to see the fear in his eyes when I hand him over and then comes the waiting... Since I am up, what better time to share a couple pictures of my big 4 year old. Wes had a blast in Atlanta playing in the snow, until the wet cold feeling set in, even then he was a trooper. His brothers showed him how to make snow balls, so everyone got a taste.
He is doing well with his new glasses. No fight to get him to wear his "sunglasses" as he says, all day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Wes! He woke up so excited this morning, popped his head up with a smile saying, it's my birthday. Where has the time gone? My baby boys is growing up too fast.
We will party this Saturday and hopefully his daddy will make it home in time for his party. Then Sunday we will be heading to Chicago. Wes is scheduled Monday for MRI and CT scan of his brain and spine in addition to a CT flexion of his neck and a broncoscopy. After last weeks' pneumonia, we were not sure this could still happen, but his fever has broke and he is doing well. Not that the pneumonia slowed him down much. He would just sit in my lap for a quick break and then he was off. He is always a busy little guy. Most of the time playing with his little guys, such an imagination.