Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These are the moments, I wrap my heart around!
Our little tiger is 2 years old!!!! Wes had a wonderful birthday party. He loved the Thomas candle so much, he tired to grab Thomas and the flame. Everyone gasped and Wes pouted out his bottom lip and hugged onto his dad crying. The burning candle did not scare him, it was all the people standing over him, staring, and singing.
The train and table set was a huge hit. Chase stayed up late into the night putting the track together for his little brother. Brandon tried to help, but after a few screws, he fell asleep in the recliner. (He will someday make a good supervisor!) I am in awe watching my boys and how much they love one another.
For now it is our coffee table. As far as I am concerned, it can stay in the living room, so I can watch my boy play. He spends most of the day there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is coming a bit late...Wes was discharged Thursday afternoon. He was so excited to be home and see his big brothers, who gave him a loving welcome home. (the kind that just melts my heart)
Overall Wes has been doing well. Saturday we went back to Tallahassee to visit Papa and do some big birthday shopping. Shhhhhhhhhhh, Wes is getting a train and table set!
Saturday afternoon he spiked a fever, but seemed fine the next day...Sunday night brought another fever, Tuesday, and then again today. Highest fever was Saturday, 103.7. Rest have been 100-101.5. Fevers typically break with Tylenol and he seems fine. Yesterday Dr. Curry ordered another chest x-ray. His pneumonia has not cleared, but this can take sometime. NO, palate surgery until he has a clear chest x ray, which will likely take a month or so. Today his chest sounded pretty good. Dr. Curry feels it is possibly the flu, since he sat in the ER for nearly 12 hours. He has been on a preventive dose of Tamiflu and yesterday started a treatment dose.
Hope to have him on the mend by Sunday so he can enjoy his big Elmo birthday celebration! My baby boy is just days away from his 2nd birthday. Pictures soon of big boy Wes!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Much happier with Elmo online, INSIDE!

We are back in Florida...would love to say home, but we needed to make a pit stop in Tallahassee. Wes' fever spiked 104.3 the night he was discharged from Children's in Chicago. We gave him tylenol and worked it down. That morning when we woke up to fly out, his fever was down and he seemed to be feeling better as he ran and jumped at the terminal in Chicago...not the case as we landed in Atlanta. I made a call to Dr. Curry, She felt he needed to make a stop at the ER in Tallahassee. She was concerned his fever would spike again or develop breathing issues once we arrived home. The ER doc was reluctant to admit him, but after he talked with Dr. Curry and MAAAAAAAAAAAAANY hours of waiting in the ER he got a room at 2am.
This morning was looking promising for discharge tomorrow. They want him fever free for 24 hours and he had not had a fever since last night, 102. After the docs left he vomited twice and fever spiked, 103.3, so it will be a wait and see how he does with the iv ab's today and overnight. His new chest x-ray last night did not really show much change.
As for now, he has had some tylenol and watching ELMO, of course!

Where my boys love to spend their winter weekends. All the essentials family, friends, four wheelers... Check out the tree house Joey built for all Frink kiddos!