Saturday, March 28, 2009

My tough little tiger is 3 years old!! His excitement was bubbling over as he celebrated with everyone. Cupcakes at daycare and he built his very own birthday cake a few times during speech with Ms. Elizabeth and then cupcakes at home. His favorite part is singing happy birthday, which he loves to join in on and sing to himself. Saturday after his birthday we followed up with a bubble birthday party at the house with his buddies. Wes was more interested in washing his hair in the 20 gallon bucket full of bubble mix and actually took a scary head first dive at the end of the party. Amazing, 3 years have passed. Wes has officially transitioned from Early Steps to the Franklin County School System. I sat in that IEP meeting with knots in my stomach. Yes, he was only staffed in for speech and OT eval. His vision will continue with Lighthouse and Ms. Jenny. It was not what he was staffed in for, it was everything that brought him here. This signifies the challenges and differences in Wes life.
Today I sat on the back porch in total awe of the blessings that fill my life. I have searched my heart for words to explain the feelings this past week brought, which explains the overdue post. With three boys, yes I have been here before...yet I have never truly been here before. For anyone to understand, they would need to know where Wes has been, the challenges and strugtgles we have seen him fight and overcome, the days and nights heavy with pain, unknowns, fears... After everything not only did Wes turn 3 years old, he celebrated 3 years of life with a beautiful smile that matches is loving nature.About four years ago, I tossed around cliche's with little thought. Now I realize that then I only had a glimmer of understanding of those words. There truly are not words to explain where I am, to explain life. Each year around Wes' birthday, there is a flood of feelings that overcome me. Each year naturally Wes' birthday brings excitement, a party, song, another candle added to the cake, it also brings realization of strength, beauty, determination, and the power of love.