Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer vacation 2011...

Day one of summer vacation 2011, Wes is burning up with a fever. He was suppose to be playing on the beach or reeling in a big one, since he is champion fisherman of the small fry division. Instead he is curled up in my lap at noon. Tylenol and Motrin will hopefully perk him up. Call in for Dr Curry, maybe he will be able to enjoy some of this week.


Tristen and A.J. said...

hey! I have been following your blog since you sent it to me... i can't believe how long ago that has been now. Wes is sooooo big. as are all your handsome boys. i just wanted to let you know i have still thought of one of my favorite patients all these years later.

-tristen (one of your nurses from chicago)

babbler said...

I want you to know how much I enjoyed finding your blog, it made me smile! Best of luck to your family, I see alot of love coming through this very special blog. Wes is very lucky to have a family like yours.
"Mrs. Slug"

Tristen and A.J. said...

of course i still remember Wes! I can't belive you have another little boy- you are destined to be surrounded by handsome little guys! you are one of those parents that i always think should have lots of kids- as you guys are amazing parents! so i am so happy to know you made another cute one i am sure.

you will have to update this site- (you know in all your free time) i would love to see Wes and how big he is now! i think he is absolutely adorable and love hearing all his progress. he is such a tough guy!

thanks for your note on our blog. it's nice not to feel alone in the crazy mommy thoughts sometimes. ha!

again- congrats on cooper!