Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For anyone who has missed the billboard picture of Wes with the words Big Boy, my boy is officially became a big boy this summer and he is sure to remind this everytime it is when I tried to bulk him into the car seat, he needs a booster, when he wants to tag along with his brothers biking the neighborhood. When you poo poo in the potty, you deserve to make some big boy calls.
Summer fun! Wes has been a busy little fish this summer. He absolutely loves going underwater, long enough to make everyone in the pool nevous. The moment I pull him up, he is diving back down. Let's just say we are both wore out after a swim.
it has been a summer for camping for our family. Our summer started with a weekend tent camping trip to Ginny Sprngs. The boys tried to spend every waking moment in the springs, but had enough wood time to bring home some red bugs. We then headed to Indian Pass campgrounds for a week of camping and a lot of time in the pool. Red jellys showed up and beach swmming was out. That week we took a camping break for Toy Story 3, which of course Wes is still talking about. Told Chase he is Lots O Hugging bear, because he is always aggravating him.
This week has been full of follow up appointments. Endocrine, orthopedic went very well. I was hoping for more from orthopedic after almost 3 weeks of nightly 2am wakings and sporadic daytime episodes with Wes crying in leg/foot pain. GI ordered a pH probe and gastric emptying scans , which requires an overnight stay. Hate for everyone else that our 2 day trip has been extended, but it is nice that it could be ordered so quick and avoid another trip to Gainseville.
Warning for any grammar or spelling critiquers, this was typed on my phone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good news Gina! Love to you, Joey and all the boys.
God bless. Ellen

Denise Clayton said...

Gammie is so very proud of her Big Boy! Gammie loves you, Wes!